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Reducing Firefox memory use link Add-ins: Flagfox Stylish Personas FatestFox TreeStyleTab TitleBarTweaker CustomButtons

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Books 1

The book Gnuplot in Action. Of course, see gnuplot and JGP – a GUI for gnuplot Robinson and Vorobiev Swing Second EditionWhat’s Inside: * In-depth table, tree, text, MDI and L&F coverage * All about painting, multithreading, keyboard focus and … Continue reading

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Software 1

Webmonkey Javapedia FrameworksAndLibraries and Applications dotuseful is a functional and easy-to-use library of Java classes. Swing Tree classes extension. Methods for search for array within an array. Liferay ! Java log viewer is … Continue reading

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Political Economy

Books Radical Political Economy: A Concise Introduction (2004) (on Amazon: This straightforward introduction to radical political economy strikes a balance between breadth and depth, and was written for the beginning student and others interested in a relatively short text on … Continue reading

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Romantic comedy

Entry on Wikipedia Huge list at boxofficemojo List at

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See David Lewis’ homepage, and link to resources there. See DIMACS AUTHORID project. DIMACS site. And Robert Sedgewick

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Stop motion


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