Political Economy


  • Radical Political Economy: A Concise Introduction (2004)
    (on Amazon: This straightforward introduction to radical political economy strikes a balance between breadth and depth, and was written for the beginning student and others interested in a relatively short text on the essential foundations of radical economics. It is free of technical jargon, yet key concepts are well explained. The text covers a comprehensive range of topics beginning with a chapter on Marx followed by separate chapters on contemporary radical political economy methods and core concepts, theory of production and work, the capitalist system, the contradictions of capitalism, and radical alternatives to capitalism. The author leaves the differences and debates among radical economics for more advanced study, and each chapter includes an extensive topical reading list.
  • Introduction to Political Economy book
  • Courses
    The American Political Science Association site

  • Introduction to Political Economy course at Mount Holyoke College, with refs. and bibliography.
  • Introduction to Political Economy
    (PDF) Political Science 270. University of Washington. Spring Term 2007. Prof. Anthony Gill.



  • introduction to POLITICAL ECONOMY
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