Books 1

  • The book Gnuplot in Action.
    Of course, see gnuplot
    and JGP – a GUI for gnuplot
  • Robinson and Vorobiev Swing Second Edition
    What’s Inside:
    * In-depth table, tree, text, MDI and L&F coverage
    * All about painting, multithreading, keyboard focus and input
    * Guidelines and techniques for good UI design
    * Using the new JSpinner and JFormattedTextField components
    * Scrollable tabbed panes and indeterminate progress bars
    * How to implement, among other things:
    o FTP and JPEG editor applications
    o A full featured MDI plain text editor application
    o JTable stock quote and expense report applications
    o A JavaBeans property editor application
    o A full featured HTML editor application
    o A JTree-based file system explorer application
    o Sorting and printing tables
    o A custom multi-page print preview component
    o An XML editor application
    o Drag & Drop
  • Up to Speed with Swing, 2nd Edition
    User Interfaces With Java Foundation Classes
    Steven Gutz 1999
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