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[[ternary search tree ngram] or n gram]{look in also for spel} ngrams package in C++, which can be used for character or word ngram analysis. It uses Ternary Search Tree instead of hashing table for faster ngram frequency counting. Words … Continue reading

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java io nio compression for trendstream

search “FileChannel for compressed data”. Java Programming Language Input & Output (I/O) (here and tim archer. Also, see this discussion –Compression formats with good support for random access within archives?

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How to play MP4 files Information about the Multimedia file types that Windows Media Player supports – official from Microsoft

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Data structures and TST

ternary+search+trie+on+disk -Google Search An efficient implementation of trie structures Low-level, Efficient Ternary Search Trees for Storing Strings Initial tests of Tries: Follow Up Extendible Hashing A Fast Access Method for Dynamic Files — CiteSeerX citation query Graphs – Data structures … Continue reading

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