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Amazing story, a high-school kid with writing difficulties and his struggle to get education.

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2 easy pieces

One article from BBC, Staying innovative after being left for dead, 23 January 2011. Discovering new things is at the heart of innovation, and that becomes harder and harder to do as companies become bigger. Bureaucracy starts to kick in … Continue reading

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RenderSnake is a nice useful library for generating HTML in Java, featured on DZone.

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Java Swing and PrintPreview

So, you want to have a Print Preview functionality in your Java Swing GUI. Do it yourself: Sergey Groznyh explains: Generating Print Preview of Swing Text Components Swing book, chapter 22 on printing, see section 22.3 on print preview, not … Continue reading

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Essential tools for Linux

Here are links to some essential tools and references for ‘living’ in Linux. Bash scripting Tutorial An A-Z Index of the Bash command line for Linux.

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