Trees, Nets and Graphs for GUI interfaces

This is just a quick list of links to some interesting uses of trees, networks and graphs for GUI interfaces.

  • The site Visual Complexity has some of the most complete graph publications and an excellent preview.
  • Read the Visuale blog.
  • The Pearl is a nice blog dedicated to issues of data visualization.
  • Pearltrees is pretty neat. Note expansion modes in this video and the shrink/manipulate options shown in this video.
  • Microsoft Live Labs Pivot.

    Some pointers: TED: “Gary Flake: is Pivot a turning point for web exploration?” (but see comments there).
    Also read in this blogpost.
  • Hans Rosling shows the best stats you’ve ever seen (2006)


There are many tools and frameworks, for many programming languages.
This blog provides a nice listing (also, see comparative chart here). Another listing of visualization toolkits is found at vizsec.
Ok, some of the relevant Java tools go in here.

  • JUNG !!!. To cite their own description: the Java Universal Network/Graph Framework–is a software library that provides a common and extendible language for the modeling, analysis, and visualization of data that can be represented as a graph or network. It is written in Java, which allows JUNG-based applications to make use of the extensive built-in capabilities of the Java API, as well as those of other existing third-party Java libraries.
  • JGraph
  • JGraphT is focused on data structures and algorithms, and has compatibility with JGraph.

Javascript tools

  • Protovis, superseded by D3.js.
    See their description, AP and examples.
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