Classic American Pickup Trucks

In summer 2016, the USPS released a series of four stamps, commemorating some classic American Pickup Trucks:
Pickup trucks

International Harvester D2 1/2 Ton Pickup, from the 1930-ies D-series, (original specifications), a versatile platform that included such gems as a Tanker Truck and a “Jungle Yacht” Tractor-trailer:

Ford F-1 from the Ford F-Series first generation (1948-1952). It was a purpose built truck (not derived from a car, and so known as the Ford Bonus-Built), available in many configurations, also as a panel-van

Chevrolet’s half-ton pickup truck in 1953 (Thriftmaster) belonged to the Advanced Design series (1947-1955). Fifty years later, the styling for the Advance-Design trucks was the inspiration for both the Chevrolet SSR and the Chevrolet HHR.

Ford F-100 was the pickup from fourth generation of the Ford F-Series (1961-1966). In 1965, F-100 got an all-new Twin I-Beam front suspension with coil springs. More than half a century later, the twin I-beam design is still in use in the E-Series.

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