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Cleaning the Watch

“Having my Watch cleaned” by JP Appleton. There is something inspiring about this picture. An a bit philosophical. This picture was featured on the BBC In Pictures gallery. See more of JP’s artistic photographs on his website and at … Continue reading

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A postcard with humor – old style

Some people collect stamps. Some collect coins. And some collect postcards. Collecting picture postcards even has a name – it is called Deltiology. The postcard above is from a blog-post titled Groans and Grins: Collecting Punny Postcards. The postcard was … Continue reading

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David Bowie

David Bowie, 1947-2016. A great artist.

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Museums in New York: The Museum Mile on Fifth Avenue

The Museum Mile is a section of Fifth Avenue (from 82nd to 105th streets on the Upper East Side) which contains several museums and is “one of the densest displays of culture in the world”. (see Wikipedia article)

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Great Modern Architecture in Havana – nostalgic views

Two great books about 20th century Modern architecture (and design) in Havana. The blurbs are somewhat pompous, but the books are… gorgeous. Great Houses Of Havana:A Century of Cuban Style(Monacelli Press, 2011).Architect and author Hermes Mallea gives the first-ever insider’s … Continue reading

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Amtrak Southwest poster

Amtrak Southwest poster from 1973. Beautiful, nostalgic, inspiring, nice, cool… hot! More details and a full size version – on the Amtrak website, at Artist: David Klein.

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Some classic British cars – on stamps

Two sets of stamps were issued in 2013 in UK to celebrates some of the most iconic British cars of the 20th century. One set of British Auto Legends is dedicated to the upscale cars from the 1960s and 70s. … Continue reading

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