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Alice in Wonderland – 150 years

Alice in Wonderland is a classic, a story loved by millions of people around the world. (If anyone needs a reference…). It was written by Charles Lutwidge Dodgson – under the pseudonym Lewis Carroll. He was ‘a mathematician at Oxford’. … Continue reading

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Great Modern Architecture in Havana – nostalgic views

Two great books about 20th century Modern architecture (and design) in Havana. The blurbs are somewhat pompous, but the books are… gorgeous. Great Houses Of Havana:A Century of Cuban Style(Monacelli Press, 2011).Architect and author Hermes Mallea gives the first-ever insider’s … Continue reading

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Books 1

The book Gnuplot in Action. Of course, see gnuplot and JGP – a GUI for gnuplot Robinson and Vorobiev Swing Second EditionWhat’s Inside: * In-depth table, tree, text, MDI and L&F coverage * All about painting, multithreading, keyboard focus and … Continue reading

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