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2expertsdesign is a creative and graphic design resources blog. Very good stuff. Worth visiting periodically. Some of the nice things there: 35-stunning-apophysis-flame-designs Desktop Wallpapers with Minimalistic design has xml-driven flash slideshows. Advertisements

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Jung – Java Universal Network/Graph Framework

The 2002 paper. 2007 paper on using JUNG for path identification in gene expression. Related tools Netsight is a tool for the visual exploratory data analysis of large-scale network and relational data sets. See also here and screenshots here.

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Trees, Nets and Graphs for GUI interfaces

This is just a quick list of links to some interesting uses of trees, networks and graphs for GUI interfaces. The site Visual Complexity has some of the most complete graph publications and an excellent preview. Read the Visuale blog. … Continue reading

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more swing

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RenderSnake is a nice useful library for generating HTML in Java, featured on DZone.

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Java Swing and PrintPreview

So, you want to have a Print Preview functionality in your Java Swing GUI. Do it yourself: Sergey Groznyh explains: Generating Print Preview of Swing Text Components Swing book, chapter 22 on printing, see section 22.3 on print preview, not … Continue reading

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Essential tools for Linux

Here are links to some essential tools and references for ‘living’ in Linux. Bash scripting Tutorial An A-Z Index of the Bash command line for Linux.

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