All models are wrong, but some are useful
   George Box.
See discussion: Wikipedia entry, and on

Allowed open discussion leads to the mistaken belief that curiosity is somehow desirable. Inquisiteness is simply the first step on a rocky road that leads to disharmony and ruin.
   Fforde, from Shades of Grey

The tragedy is that the thoughtless few, as always, are allowed to spoil it for the many.

But even today’s Soyuz capsule is a curious mixture of the old and new – in order to dock to the space station the commander uses an optical periscope which sticks out of the side.
“Why not a camera,” I ask?
“Why make it complicated?” replies the colonel.
And that is the great thing about Russian space technology – it may look a bit dated, but it works. I have seen Soyuz launched in a blizzard – the slightest gust of wind delays the Shuttle.

   From BBC, 18 Mar 2011

“The future always looks good in the golden land, for no one remembers the past.”
   Joan Didion

It seems like everyone’s only talking about the new hottest tech and neglect what it actually means to adopt it. But it’s only natural, right? The new features and promises outshine everything else and the tough challenges and decisions are swept aside.
   Alex Zhitnitsky (Aug.2015) Emphasis added.

Because here’s the thing: Writing is not something you can do or you can’t.
   Jasper Fforde, (from Pep Talk to NaNoWriMo writers)

Our objective is to remind ourselves of the ever-important and undisputed necessity of bureaucratic directives, the inevitable march of the new generation of automated bureaucracy, and the infinite wisdom of filling various forms and generating information for the sake of keeping corporate appearances.

It is the biggest company in the so called “gig” economy, in which short-term contracts or freelance work replace permanent jobs. Depending where you stand, that is either a great flexible working environment or a form of exploitation with little protection for workers.
   (From BBC).

If there was a guarantee for success then getting funding would be a moot issue. Ideas are critical – good execution of a bad idea will not succeed either
   (From LinkedIn – a comment about a failed start-up, November 2017. Emphasis added).

The belief that there is only one truth and that oneself is in possession of it, seems to me the deepest root of all that is evil in the world.
   Max Born

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