Classic American Pickup Trucks

In summer 2016, the USPS released a series of four stamps, commemorating some classic American Pickup Trucks:
Pickup trucks

International Harvester D2 1/2 Ton Pickup, from the 1930-ies D-series, (original specifications), a versatile platform that included such gems as a Tanker Truck and a “Jungle Yacht” Tractor-trailer:

Ford F-1 from the Ford F-Series first generation (1948-1952). It was a purpose built truck (not derived from a car, and so known as the Ford Bonus-Built), available in many configurations, also as a panel-van

Chevrolet’s half-ton pickup truck in 1953 (Thriftmaster) belonged to the Advanced Design series (1947-1955). Fifty years later, the styling for the Advance-Design trucks was the inspiration for both the Chevrolet SSR and the Chevrolet HHR.

Ford F-100 was the pickup from fourth generation of the Ford F-Series (1961-1966). In 1965, F-100 got an all-new Twin I-Beam front suspension with coil springs. More than half a century later, the twin I-beam design is still in use in the E-Series.

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Irish storytelling revival

An article, by Rory Boland on BBC Travel, tells the story of a possible revival of Irish folk storytelling.

The seanchaí were Ireland’s original storytellers, travelling from village to village to tell tales. “Reporters, entertainers and historians” rolled into one. … Listening to the seanchaí was an oral tradition that stretched back to the times of Gaelic chieftains. But by the 1950s, it was starting to disappear. “Ultimately, radio and then television displaced the storyteller,” … “There just wasn’t the audience for them anymore.” Today, with everything from the local news to the latest Scandinavian thriller available at the press of a button on your phone, the seanchaí’s 1,000-year story looks set to come to a close.

Recently, several regular storytelling events and clubs have sprung up in Ireland.
Is storytelling making a comeback ?

“It’s a need for connection,” she said. “Yes, technology has made us increasingly connected to the world, but also less connected to each other. I think storytelling nurtures connections with people in real life.”

Images by Peter Zelei/Getty, linked from BBC. Read the story there.
‘Stroryteller’ image from (check it out).

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The Rotodyne

The BBC Magazine has recently run an article about a remarkable aircraft – the Rotodyne. It was a hybrid between a helicopter and a turbo-prop airplane. There is also an article about it on Wikipedia, and a short one at

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A postcard with humor – old style

Some people collect stamps. Some collect coins. And some collect postcards.
Collecting picture postcards even has a name – it is called Deltiology.

The postcard above is from a blog-post titled
Groans and Grins: Collecting Punny Postcards.

The postcard was published by the Asheville Postcard Co., from Asheville, North Carolina
(it says so on the back – found this via web-search).
Date is unknown, but it looks like early 1950-ies.
Old-style humor!

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Antarctic Canyon

BBC writer Jonathan Amos presents a story about an ongoing geophysical survey in Antarctica. There are indications that “a vast, previously unrecognised canyon system could be hidden under the Antarctic ice sheet.”

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David Bowie

David Bowie, 1947-2016.
A great artist.

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Where is the real Star Wars?

In the last week of December 2015, I watched the new Star Wars movie – The Force Awakens.
I was deeply disappointed.
It is a good movie, but not more than that.
A lot of retro, which I liked, but nothing more than that – just recycling of old ideas without much imagination.
The movie may be entertaining, but I find that the recent Charlie Rose interview with George Lucas is much more interesting.
It seems to me that Star Wars is not Star Wars without Lucas.

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