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Java GUI – layout managers

A layout manager works ‘under the hood’, but is extremely important for a good GUI. Here are some useful links for Java Swing Layout managers: PageLayout JGoodies Forms River Layout (from JAlbum) Table Layout by Tony Freixas Alternate Layout Managers

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Java documentation and reference

Here is a list of links for Java documentation, reference and tips. The Really Big Index from Sun (Oracle) – A list of all content pages in The Java Tutorial Java Notes by Fred Swartz

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Nice looking java GUI – use LAFs

Some links to info about LAFs. a top-10 list Coding notes Josh Marinacci on Swing and CSS

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Java Screenshot

I want to take a screenshot for a java application. More spesifically, a screenshot for one of the internal components (one of the windows in a docked app.).  The screenshot needs to be programmatic (by code). There are two approaches. … Continue reading

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utilities in Java

This post is about various utilities for Java. “Util” has many meanings and shades of meaning, but here it goes. Figure out what I mean. Jutil is an “old” library, but has some interesting features. E.g. SkipLists, Relations, Filters, etc.

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Java Swing TreeTable

SwingX JXTreeTable Exampledepot table Tin Boudreau’s Swing Table (in netbeans), also see a DZone article JTextPane Steven Haines use TreeSelectionListener frankappiahnsiah elevenworks good AlterSIG boulayp threadID=67731 supinfo Thierry Lefort’s Weblog! Java Tips Weblog by Rob Camick good2 forums.java.net JXTreeTable, selection … Continue reading

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